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Right for your home?
When we describe our homes décor we often use words like Rustic, Contemporary or Country French but the truth is that few of us have homes that fit strictly within any one decorating style.

More often than not, we adopt characteristics of a style that we find pleasing, blend it with our collection of beloved possessions, and arrive at a home that is uniquely our own.No matter what style you prefer, chances are quite good that your home will be enhanced by the addition of handcrafted wood and iron furniture. The beauty of hand finished wood combined with the strength and elegance of hand forged iron lends itself to many different pieces, styles and rooms. And whether it’s the rustic elegance of a wood and iron bed, or the old world styling of a wood and iron dining table, the timeless quality of these natural materials is sure to play a pleasing role in your home.

Wood and Iron Furniture for your Lodge or Cabin
When it comes to a lodge or cabin, natural materials create the basic foundation in their design and the use of wood furniture is almost essential to blend with the ambience of the woodland surroundings. But the furnishing in a mountain getaway does not have to be exclusively wood. Another material used for centuries in rustic furniture is wrought iron, and what could be better than a combination of the two. There are many rustic wood and iron furniture pieces available such as the wonderfully unique Branches Bed (pictured). In fact it is possible to find a rustic wood and iron example in just about any piece of furniture you can think of. And why stop with the furniture, handcrafted wooden walls provide a ready-made backdrop for the rustic appeal of iron. Wrought iron bathroom towel bars look right at home on rough-hewn walls, and a hand forged iron curtain rods can add the final touch to a log home kitchen. Because of its natural texture and sturdy character, iron is an excellent choice for a lodge or cabins rustic style.

Wood and Iron Furniture with Old World Style

The central theme of Tuscan decor is food, wine and nature. Deep earthy colors and natural textures like stone, aged wood, iron and copper, echo the feel of the Tuscan countryside. This is the perfect atmosphere for a well chosen piece of wood and iron furniture. A sideboard or buffet and a big farmhouse type dining room table, large, simple and sturdy are happily at home in any rustic old world style decor.

Decorative accessories can also do a lot to give your room a unique allure and here again the rustic appeal of wrought iron makes it a popular choice. Place an iron wine rack on your counter filled you’re your favorite vintage, adorn your table with wrought iron candle holders, or hang a decorative piece of metal wall art on the wall. Use your creativity and soon with the right colors, accessories and accents you will feel like you're in a villa on the Italian countryside.

Using Wood and Iron with the Western Style

Unpretentious natural materials create the basis of Western décor. Leather is used to cover overstuffed chairs, horns are worked into light fixtures, tables sport massive burl wood legs, and wool is woven into beautiful Navajo rugs. Iron also plays a vital role in this style as in the past blacksmiths produced a range of items needed by all.

The use of wood and iron furniture in today’s western style can be as bold as a headboard made from a wagon wheel, or as subtle as a barstool embellished with a symbol of the west. Forged iron and wood have been part of western history from the start, and still remain a comfortable companion with the other honest materials used in western style homes.

Craftsman and Arts and Crafts Style Iron and Wood Furniture

The Arts & Crafts and Craftsman styles also rely on natural materials and textures. In fact, a central part of this style is a celebration of traditional handcrafts. Fine woodworking, blacksmithing, pottery, and weaving are all ideally present in a Craftsman style home.

Today, many Craftsman style homes have been lovingly restored. And many are filled with the bold simple lines of pieces such as the Mission side table, pieces that showcase the artistry of handcrafted wood and iron furniture. 

Wood and Iron Furniture with French Provincial Style

The French provincial home has the look of a formal French farmhouse. The furnishings are cozy, rustic and warm and at the same time much more elegant and opulent than French country. Feel free to mix and match wood and iron furnishings in this style. Part of the charm of French provincial styling is to have pieces that don’t match exactly. And adding wrought iron or anything characteristic of the 17th or 18th century is considered to be authentic French provincial. Buffets, armoires and large kitchen tables are all essential in creating an authentic French provincial ambiance.

Wood and Iron Furniture in a Country Styled Home

Most of us are familiar with the comfortable character of country decorating. Based on the simple beauty of handmade items, country homes have a timeless appeal that connects us with our past. Once again, this is a style that favors the use of natural materials. Furniture that features a weathered patina or incorporate iron and old or salvaged wood are happily at home in any rustic country setting. And traditional crafts like woodcarving, quilting, and basketry all blend beautifully with warm and weathered surfaces.

Contemporary Styling with Wood and Iron Furniture
Contemporary home décor makes use of simple materials that are basic and unadorned. Polished or textured concrete, stainless steel and wood find their way into homes as walls, flooring and countertops. The use of basic materials calls for simple furniture and accessories to complete the theme. A contemporary kitchen with stainless steel surfaces is complemented by a wood and iron table that is sleek and simple in design. Just as a contemporary bathroom can benefit from towel bars that are clean, simple, and honestly designed from the natural material of iron.

Your Own Unique Decorating Style
As you have seen, the importance of natural materials is a theme that is constant to many of the best loved styles of décor, and the appeal of materials like wood and hand forged iron will benefit most homes. No matter where you live or what style you prefer, chances are quite good that your home will be enhanced by the addition of handcrafted wood and iron furniture. And whether it’s the rustic elegance of a wood and iron bed, or the old world styling of a wood and iron console table, furniture featuring the timeless quality of these natural materials is sure to play a pleasing role in your homes decor.


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