I wanted my Dad, Ken Silva, the Founder & CEO, to write this introduction, but try as I may, I can't convince him that this "internet thing" (as he calls it) makes any sense.

Funny as it sounds, I can actually see his point. My Dad is a "furniture man", through and through, a furniture maker by trade, and to a furniture man, it's all about the experience of the senses...

The hardness of the wood, the grain of the leather, the flow of the lines, the brilliance of the fabric, the feel of the piece under you. None of which, my Dad frequently reminds me, can ever be properly experienced on any computer monitor.

We both know he's right. But that's not what this site is about.

My hope is that you'll use this technology as a resource for your busy life. And then, when you're ready, you'll let us serve you in person-the way furniture is supposed to be done. How else would I do it? I am my Father's Son and we are a Furniture Family.

Vice President & Director N. Plymouth Furniture, Inc.

The History of Plymouh Furniture

It all began in 1973. We started out as a manufacturing company, designing & building our own furniture. Eventually we began to represent work from other furniture makers...

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Our Commitment to American Quality

We sell only the finest quality products made in America. What this means is that we are providing quality goods while preserving American jobs and a centuries- old furniture making tradition...

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Our Emphasis on Selection and Value

Price and value are not the same thing. We sell a range of products some in the hundreds of dollars others in the thousands, but every one is a value. What does that mean? Well for starters...

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Offering Truly Personal Service

It may sound cliche, but we really feel that when you come to either our 5 story plymouth gallery or our new Norwell satellite showroom, you are coming into our home. Experts live here...

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