Selection & Value

Have you ever noticed that price and value are not the same thing?

For example, some promotional furniture stores focus all their energy on bringing the price down to an "unbelievable" low advertised price to get you in the store. Sometimes they'll even "throw in" a giant plasma TV, baseball game tickets, pizza coupons and on and on. The question should arise: who is paying for all those goodies? Because you know they're not giving that stuff away.

Can you imagine how cheap that couch must have been to manufacture if it allowed them to price it so low, cover the cost of the giveaways, pay for the advertising to tell you about the "deal" in the first place and still make a profit? Kind of a scary thought. Low price does not mean good value.

At Plymouth Furniture, we think that if you want a TV you should go make your best deal at an electronics store, if you want a pizza, we could recommend some great local places to try, but if what you're looking for is high quality, American-made furniture that will last, offered at a fair price, then here is where you belong.


30,000 Square Feet of Furniture to Browse


That's what you will find at Plymouth Furniture. Between our 5-Story gallery in Plymouth and our new satellite showroom in Norwell, (not to mention this web site with literally thousands of pieces of furniture). You will find an unparalleled selection of the finest quality American-made furniture just waiting to be explored.


The Perfect Piece of Furniture for Every Style and Every Room


At Plymouth Furniture you'll find living room furniture, dining room furniture, bedroom furniture collections, home office furniture collections, chairs, stools, ottomans, occasional pieces, benches, tables, settees, chaises, recliners, rockers and more. Essentially fine, american-made furniture for every room in the house.

And in terms of style, you'll find it all. Traditional furniture, contemporary furniture, country style furniture, coastal style furniture, formal furniture, informal furniture, antique style, early american, transitional etc. It's all here, at Plymouth Furniture in Plymouth Ma, Norwell MA, and online.


The Best Furniture Makers in the Country, Offered at a Fair Price


We went into business to create a marketplace for high quality, American-Made furniture offered at a fair price. We only partner with furniture makers who share those values. Some of those companies include:


You're Paying for Quality Furniture, Not Advertising


You may recognize some of the names of our partner manufacturers (especially if you have an eye for quality, American made furniture), but chances are you've never seen a 60 second television commercial featuring their brand, or a glossy, multi page spread in a design magazine. That's because most of our partners, even the well-known brands, don't spend millions in advertising blitzes. Instead they focus on building quality furniture and trusting educated, discerning consumers will recognize quality, try it for themselves and recommend them to friends.


The History of Plymouh Furniture

It all began in 1973. We started out as a manufacturing company, designing & building our own furniture. Eventually we began to represent work from other furniture makers...

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Our Commitment to American Quality

We sell only the finest quality products made in America. What this means is that we are providing quality goods while preserving American jobs and a centuries- old furniture making tradition...

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Our Emphasis on Selection and Value

Price and value are not the same thing. We sell a range of products some in the hundreds of dollars others in the thousands, but every one is a value. What does that mean? Well for starters...

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Offering Truly Personal Service

It may sound cliche, but we really feel that when you come to either our 5 story plymouth gallery or our new Norwell satellite showroom, you are coming into our home. Experts live here...

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